The fees listed below apply to photography of all genres, including costs of primary means of transportation, secondary means of transportation, meals, as well as, hotel-stay-over. My fees are within the means of my expertise, including satisfying results.  I do have clients or referrals for testimonies.  As for payment arrangements, I do request half of the payment prior to the photoshoot, in order to secure the date, then the rest of the payment on the day / date of the shoot, not afterward.  You may also make full payment, as you wish.  Photos will be handed to you upon clearance of full payment, along with payment-receipt.  You will receive a high-resolution DVD disc and thumb drive of all your edited photos, so you can make prints or enlargements from whenever you wish.  Your photos are shot in RAW (file) format, then converted to high-resolution JPEG format, post processing, in order to ensure the highest quality in images.  Also, you will receive a photo album, of mostly 4"x6" size prints, including about (5) 8"x10" size prints.  The album is a bonus, as most Photographers do not provide that, which ONLY applies for wedding photography.

IMPORTANT:  Some Photographers maintain exclusive rights to your photos, but I do not.  I do maintain "partial" rights, by providing you with ALL your photos;  however, I do utilize some for my photography website, or for promotional matters whenever necessary, in order to showcase my skills and expertise in Wedding Photography, or for reference purposes.  Furthermore, your photos will NOT be sold or distributed to other (people) parties.  Looking at my wedding photo albums, you will notice (my copyright) watermarks on all the photos, in order to prevent them from being used by other people.  Finally, you are given a Wedding Contract form, which also includes payment plans.  The Wedding Contract form is important for liability purposes, as all parties are protected, specifically for (receivable) payments and/or possible refunds.  Customers for different kinds of photography are given a Model Release form, with similar expectations of Rights to Photos, or Photo Ownership.  The necessary form will be given to you in person during a possible meet-and-greet, upon submitting the required (half of the payment) deposit, which can be submitted in person, mailed over, or electronically funded "before" the scheduled photoshoot.  As a Professional Photographer, I'm serious about my business, and I'm also serious about you, by meeting your goals and expectations.


Half-day: (1-3 hours) $600

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $1,500

STATEWIDE (United States)

Half-day: (1-3 hours) $1,200

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $2,200


Half-day: (1-3 hours) $1,800

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $2,500


Half-day: (1-3 hours) $2,500

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $3,000

EUROPE (Eastern, Western, Scandinavia)

Half-day: (1-3 hours) $3,500

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $4,500


Half-day: (1-3 hours) $4,500

Full-day: (4-8 hours) $7,000

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Thank you!